TIMEMORE G1 Pour Over Coffee Maker sets hand brew coffee suits 7 pcs in gift box best G1 coffee grinder/kettle 600ml/filter dripper/filter paper/brush/thermometer/glass server 360ml

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Description :

Upgrade aluminum wood combined powder bucket One piece walnut with space aluminum Aesthetic combination of nature and modern industry Creative holding design Try to break the cylindrical design in a small hand Mill The design of the outside and inside circle not only makes the shape elegant, but also makes it easier to hold the hand when grinding and rotating, without sliding the hand Elegant design Uniform abrasive particles Upgrade to titanium coated burr Small and portable Convenient and precise adjustment of thickness High quality material processing


  • G1 coffee grinder upgraded to titanium coated burr *1
  • 01 glass filter cup with space aluminum base 1-2 cups*1
  • Glass server 360ml*1
  • Kettle 600ml*1
  • dial thermometer *1, brush *1 ,V01 white filter paper 50 pieces

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