Soulhand Cold Brew Slow Drip Coffee Maker

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Description :

Iced coffee is soaked in ice water at low temperature, avoiding the brewing of hot water to make the coffee smelly.

The coffee extracted from iced coffee is rich in flavor and smooth and not sour. Lower low caffeine is also more healthy for our body.

Iced coffee is brewed at a low temperature of 41 ℉ and the whole brewing time takes 2-4 hours, finally ,the coffee will have a more natural and pure flavor.

Properly Making Ice Coffee Steps

Elegant transparent appearance, air-tight design along with practical functions (hot/cold, coffee/tea, 6-8 cups), one for all your needs. Perfect Thanksgiving Christmas Birthday gifts for coffee lovers!

Cold coffee has a weak acidity.

When you add ice and milk, a simple ice latte is completed. You can't go to the coffee shop anymore!

If you remove the water tank, it can completely become a tea maker!

The 85MM length stainless steel filter allows the tea to flow freely and spread quickly.


  • AMAZING COFFEE FLAVOR: Zero expertise to make your own cold coffee. Fermentation to obtain a fresh coffee flavor liquid under the action of slow drops of ice water. In short, you only need to pour coffee powder and ice cubes, leaving the rest of the time.
  • LAGER CAPACITY LOOSE LEAF SUPPORT: 6-8 cups of cold coffee or tea, large enough to serve your family for daily coffee or tea support. The picture shows how to make loose tea
  • ADJUSTABLE RATE VALVE-COMPLETE EXTRACTION: Adjustable dripper enables accurate control of the speed of ice water drops so you can control the time and the flavor according to your preference. Time takes 3-4 hours. Once all the ice is dripping, you will get silky, refreshing coffee.
  • STRICTLY CONTROL PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: Reinforced heat-resistant glass bottle and stainless steel coffee powder container maintain the fruity and sweet flavor of your coffee.The wooden stand makes the coffee machine look very elegant and simple
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND EASY CLEAN UP: Get the coffee maker installed within just a few minutes and start dripping! Every parts are detachable and washable.
  • Size: 28 oz

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