Soulhand Coffee Maker Automatic Pour-Over Style Drip Coffee Brewer Machine with Magnetic Filter and Removable Water Tank Exact Temperature and Water Control Bonus Spoon Brush & 2pc Glass Cups

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  • * ONE-TOUCH & AUTOMATIC BREW: just press the switch to brew and you can do other things, it will stop automatically after brewing. Brew 1 -2 cups in just 2-5 minutes. No complicated operations and special save your times.
  • * CUSTOMIZED 5 HOLES DISTRIBUTED NOZZLE: Simulated hand pour over, the five water flowing holes design make the coffee grounds moistened and heated evenly Average water temperature is around 199℉. Intermittent water flowing smart programming brew extracting the essence of coffee powder. You can enjoy the original coffee.
  • * DETACHABLE WATER TANK : The general water tank will bring about some scale that will affect our health. To keep the water clean and fresh, soulhand coffee maker has a detachable water tank making it extremely convenient to keep it clean.
  • * MAGNETIC FILTER :The filter is made of precision double-layer stainless steel, and the design of the magnetic buckle can be removed and cleaned at any time.Also,you need to keep the ratio of coffee powder and water in a correct range to avoid the possibility of overflow.
  • * COMPLEMENTARY GIFT:This set contains a spoon brush and 2 cups and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every product undergoes strict quality inspection before leaving the factory,if something ever happens to your Coffee Press, WE WILL REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY. Start your morning off right with the soulhand French press coffee brewer.

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