Simpli Press French Press Coffee Maker, Black

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Description :

Simpli Press saves you time from brewing to cleanup, while giving you a richer, smoother complex brew.

Our Mission

Is to make people's lives more beautiful —

by empowering our rituals and communities.

5% of Net Profit Goes Back To Empowering Women and Children in Coffee & Underserved Communities.


  • ✅FLAVORFUL, SMOOTH BREW IN ONLY 3 MINUTES- Better coffee with less effort. We recommend use medium to medium-fine coffee grind. This is the grind that is also popular with most pour-overs.
  • ✅BREW, PRESS, ENJOY AND CLEAN- Define your own daily ritual in 4 steps. With practice, you will master the use of this coffee brewer. We are just here to help get you started in the brewing art.
  • ✅MICRO-ETCHED DOUBLE FILTER SYSTEM- Customize your brew from medium-fine to coarse according to your taste. Allows the use of medium to medium-fine grounds for a cleaner, smoother and tastier brew in just 3 minutes.
  • ✅EASIER & FASTER CLEAN UP- The coffee basket lifts out with the Smart Filter for easy disposal of coffee grounds. The Coffee Basket doubles as a measuring cup, taking the guesswork out of your coffee-water brewing ratio.
  • ✅PLASTIC-FREE COFFEE MACHINE- Made of all stainless steel, silicone & borosilicate glass materials. Plastic and paper filter-free. Preserve your coffee quality and health while taking care of the planet!
  • Color: Color: Black

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