Rnwen Coffee Siphon Pot Set Siphon Coffee Brewer

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All the flavors into the final product,Easy to use and wash, a single filter will last you for many brews.
Product Dimensions:35.5x23.5x10cm.
net weight:2.3kg.
capacity:1-3 cups.
Package include:1 x Coffee Siphon Pot Set.
Please wipe the lower pot with a towel before heating to ensure that there is no water droplets on the surface.
WARNING: Be careful when using under open flames.


  • A real conversation starter and center of attraction for it exquisite design, brews in style and delicious coffee.
  • Uses properties of siphoning syphoning to brew.
  • Product Dimensions:35.5x23.5x10cm.
  • Vacuum technology seals in the aroma and flavors delivering the True profile of your Coffee.
  • Siphon brewed Coffee produces cleaner, richer, and smoother cup of Coffee by maximizing the essential oils from the brew.
  • Size: 35.5x23.5x10cm
  • Color: Gold

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