Coffee Strainer w/ Stainless Steel Rosegold Mesh

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Description :

Choose your favorite coffee beans

Grind the beans into coffee powder

Put the suitable coffee powder into the Sivaphe Paperless Coffee makder Filter cup coffee

Boiled the water

Pour the suitable hot water into the filter

Control the drop rate, Dissolve the coffee powder fullyy for a nice cup tea

Wait until all the water drop from the filter

Remove the stainless steel coffee strainer

Pour the fresh coffee into the coffee mug you like

Enjoy freshly roasted specialty coffee

Experience coffee fully and share it with friends and loved ones


  • ❤Prominent Radian Design,Easy to Operate:Its lightweight to take.Stainless steel handle,Round base design. Suitable for a variety of sharing pot and coffee cup, suit Hario v60 2/ Chemex6-8 cups coffee maker.
  • ❤Eco-Friendly Design:Double-layer metal mesh,food hardware solid, powerful filtration effect. 304 stainless steel gauze mesh filter, no filter paper, double layer filtration without residue, no odor.
  • ❤Flow Speed is Stable: no need to worry about the flow too fast or too slow, enjoy the leisure of coffee every moment.
  • ❤Easy to Clean: after the production of coffee,just Water Rinse,it's clean. You can enjoy coffee easily.
  • ❤ High-Quality Guarantee: Built by Stainless Steel 304 and Food Grade Silicone , we guarantee the product high quality and serve 24 customer service, you dont have problem in using it.
  • Size: Large Cup
  • Color: Rosegold

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