Proper | AeroPress Companion - Organizer & Display Stand for AeroPress Coffee Maker Accessories Filters (Stainless Steel)

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  • PURPOSEFUL: Carefully thought out and unique design assures your coffee making experience is more satisfying by giving each piece of the Aero-Press a proper place. You take each piece out, step by step, replacing them as you go. Doing so ensures that by the time you’re done, your Aero-Press is set back up, ready for the next cup of coffee.
  • DURABLE: Made of metal, with a cork pad to ensure your tools don't slip, the Companion gets the job done. Expertly crafted, you won't go wrong and will enjoy for years to come.
  • STYLISH: Available in matte black, bright white, and brushed steel, gives you options to play with without compromising your taste. Be proud of having your Aero-Press on display and showing off your good taste and love of good coffee.
  • PRACTICAL: Easily access the necessary accessories no matter your hand preference. The Companion takes up less than 0.25 square feet of counter space, keeping your kitchen uncluttered and tidy. Holds up to 350 paper filters.
  • MAKE IT PROPER: At Proper by Design, we aim to design clever solutions to organizational problems. Based in the Bay Area in California, we dream up new ideas regularly and are all about elevating products you regularly use around your home and/or office. Whatever you do, we are here to help you do it properly.

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