Coffee Dripper for HoJax Hero Cone Coffee Filter

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Description :

Hero is a sub-brand of HoJax, we focus on the design and development of coffee equipments and start our business in 2005. We aim to spread the concept of "Falling in love with the coffee" and simplize the steps of making coffee. Anytime and anywhere, everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee!

Name: Ten petals coffee dripper

Product weight:4.4 oz (125 g)

Core technology: from top to bottom, from coarse to fine, from shallow to deep radioactive edge design, so that the water slowly permeates from the top, to reach the bottom of the faster precipitation, not only to prevent excessive extraction, but also to avoid the phenomenon of insufficient extraction.

Size 01:3.5*3.6*3 inch (excluding handle), for 1-2 cups:

Size 02 : 4.3*4.1*3.5 inch (excluding handle), for 1-4 cups.

This coffee dripper is made of PCTG to resist shock and breakage. BPA free and feel free to use.

Ten petal-shaped base is exquisite and artistic.

Gooseneck handle design, more comfortable to hold.


  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: This coffee dripper made of PCTG to resist shock and breakage.BPA free and rest assured use.
  • THE STANDARD OF SCAA EXTRACTION: The brew ratio is 1:16, 20g of medium ground coffee powder is finished in 2-3 minutes, and the standard coffee concentration is between 1.25 and 1.35.
  • STABLE AND ARTISITIC: The bottom double layer design,holds steady on mugs and carafes for slip-free brewing.ten petal-shaped base is exquisite and artistic.
  • FOR OFFICE AND HOME: There pour over coffee dripper is easy to use and clean,suitable for office and home use.Non-breakable and portable, perfect as coffee gifts for at-home baristas or coffee lovers who like to travel.
  • CUSTOMER GUARANTEED:Order NOW risk-free!100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase ,2-year warranty.
  • Size: Size 02
  • Color: Clear PCTG

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