Onyx Coffee Lab "Southern Weather Blend" Medium Roasted Shade Grown Whole Bean Coffee - 10 Ounce Bag

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Description :

(Formerly Sugar Skull) Southern Weather is still our great house coffee that you know and love. We just changed the name! Creating a blend is like choosing a color palate for a canvas. For us, Southern Weather (formerly Sugar Skull) embodies the wonderful relationships between a citric acidity balance and wonderful, full-bodied chocolates. We serve this every day and find it comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated. We brew this with all devices all day long, even as espresso!


  • All coffee is fresh roasted-to-order for you.
  • $5.75 USPS Priority shipping. Additional coffees from GoCoffeeGo ship for $3.50 regular or $7.70 bulk. Top Award Winning Artisan Roasters and their coffees are at GoCoffeeGo.
  • Grind: Whole Bean
  • Roast: Medium
  • Notes: Milk chocolate, plum, candied walnuts, juicy & citrus finish

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