Onyx Coffee Lab "El Salvador Santa Rosa Honey" Medium Roasted Whole Bean Coffee - 10 Ounce Bag

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Description :

Finca Santa Rosa is nestled in the northern Chalatenango mountains of El Salvador and owned by our good friend Jorge Raul Rivera. Winner of many Cup of Excellence awards, the farm exclusively grows the Pacamara varietal and specializes in unique harvesting and processing techniques. We’ve worked with Jorge for six years now and always look forward to visiting his farm or hosting him here at the roastery. It’s an honor to serve the best El Salvador has to offer. Season after season, the coffees we purchase from Jorge Raul Rivera tend to be some of our top lots of the year. Raul has a razor-sharp attention to detail, which is what it takes to produce award-winning coffees so consistently. That focus extends far beyond just processing and drying. Each season, we cup offerings from Santa Rosa that are separated down ‘day lots.’ We cup through these individual pickings to build a profile that we believe best reflects the terroir and processing of Santa Rosa. Usually this selection is done at the cupping lab in El Salvador, but due to the pandemic, all this cupping was done over several shipments and within each person's home. Each season has its unique challenges, and it has been this way since we began to work with Jorge Raul Rivera. The one thing that has been consistent since we first met him at a Roasters Guild retreat nearly six years ago is Jorge’s willingness to work extremely hard with the highest level of hospitality. Since our first visit to Santa Rosa where he showed us around his favorite spots in El Salvador, to this season when we could only communicate via WhatsApp, his attention to detail and penchant for quality is what shines the brightest.


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  • Grind: Whole Bean
  • Roast: Medium Light
  • Notes: Concord grape, demerara sugar, rose, dark chocolate

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