MJM Gold Coffee Dripper Set

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Description :

Brewing Coffee was Never that Easy

From now on you don’t need to buy expensive coffee filters anymore. Simply fill 1-3 spoons of ground coffee into the double layer mesh, put the 3.9” built-in stand on top of a cup or mug, and pour over some boiled water. Depending on how you like your coffee, each time you will get 1-4 cups of the hot, black beverage.

Pocket-Sized Coffee Machine

It is not really possible to take your coffee machine to your office or to a camping site, right? If you are looking for a simple, space-saving and non-electrical option to brew your coffee anywhere you want, this stainless steel coffee maker comes in handy. It is easy to clean and works without any additional filter bags. Still, it only allows liquid and flavors to trickle down.

Product Specifications:

Color: Gold
Material: Stainless Steel
- Upper Ring Diameter: 5.3”
- Bottom Ring Diameter: 3.9”
- Height: 3.5”
- Scoop: 7.1"
- Brush: 6.3"

Package Contents:

- 1 x Coffee Dripper
- 1 x Coffee Scoop&Clip
- 1 x Cleaning Brush

MJM Notes:

- Please pour hot water carefully over the ground coffee to avoid burns.
- We recommend to clean the coffee dripper right after usage with hot water.


  • ☕KEEP CALM & DRINK COFFEE: Your day cannot start properly without a cup of hot, aromatic coffee? Then this stylish golden coffee dripper made out of 304 stainless steel is your best friend, no matter if you want to drink some coffee while studying at home or working in the office.
  • ☕READY ALREADY: Fill 1-3 spoons of ground coffee into the double layer mesh, put the 3.9” built-in stand on top of a mug, and pour over some boiled water. Now wait a few seconds and your coffee will be ready. Light, medium, strong, with milk and sugar – How do you like your coffee?
  • ☕DONE IN A JIFFY: Thanks to the smooth, durable, and water-resistant material this coffee dripper can be cleaned in less than no time. Simply throw away the used powder, rinse the coffee filter under the tap and clean it with a soft sponge. You can also use the cleaning brush to remove stubborn residues.
  • ☕CLIP IT! This coffee maker set includes a golden spoon which also works as a clip. Open a bag of ground coffee, use the spoon to fill the powder into the cone, and seal the bag with the clip to preserve the aroma.
  • ☕COFFEE TO GO: No filter bags, electricity, or spacious countertop needed – With this reusable coffee brewer you are the hero at work or at the campsite. You can even use this golden set as a gift for coffee lovers!

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