Milk Frother, Sboly Electric Milk Steamer with Hot&Cold Milk Froth Function , Milk warmer and Frother for Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Coffee Frother with Strix Control

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Description :

Choose your favorite from 3 funtion:frothing cold milk, frothing & heating cold milk and heating cold milk.

Exact indicator and Intuitive handling Make everything simple.

It is more convenient to clean the frother with Non-Stick Interior Coating and Detachable Base.

The lid has a design to prevent the loss of Whisks.

The lid contains a silicone ring in it, which makes the cover firmly during operation and keep the liquid from leaking.

Comfortable design and easy-to-grip handle, the inclined outlet can minimize the liquid to overflow.

1. Be sure not to fill liquid past the MAX marking.√

2. Use Whole Milk (fat content >3.0%) for the best results.√

3. The higher the protein content is, the easier to provide creamy foam.√

(Protein Content: whole Milk >Soy Milk>Almond Milk> Coconut Milk >Rice Milk >Cashew Milk> Oat Milk. )

4. Milk heats to approximately 140℉-158℉. This is the ideal temperature to ensure the flavor of your coffee.√

5. Refrain from using harsh cleaning agents, hard nylon brushes or metal to clean the milk frother.√

6. The container is not suitable for storage or use by refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.√

7. ONLY can be used under USA voltage standard 110V-120V, a voltage converter is needed if used in other countries.√


  • TEAMER FROTHIER COMBO - It offers a variety of functions—from hot milk to soft foam. Sboly's milk frother and steamer come with two whisks. You can get the smoothest, thickest foam for coffee, latte, and cappuccino. Besides frothing milk, you can use this to make warm milk, hot chocolate, or other hot drinks.
  • THE CREAMIEST FROTH - The Sboly milk frother's suspended magnetic vortex offers 360 degrees excellence for the creamiest froth. The process is simple from start to get cappuccino foam that is airy and latte foam that is velvety smooth and dense! With this milk steamer, you can enjoy delicious coffee drinks that taste like the best high-end coffeehouse.
  • EASY TO USE AND QUIET OPERATION - The milk former two max lines inside the container. The top line is the max level for heating, and the bottom line is for frothing hot or cold milk. In 2 minutes or less whatever you need is ready. Easy for everyday use! The motor runs quietly, so you can have your early-morning latte or late-night hot chocolate without disturbing anyone’s sleep.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN - With a non-stick interior and detachable base cleaning is simple and easy. The coffee frother is durable made of high-quality stainless steel. It’s lightweight, ergonomic, and cleans easily. It's slim, portable design and the ability to create delicious foam in a matter of seconds.
  • THE SMARTEST SAFE TECH - This Sboly electric milk frother Made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, and includes Strix temperature controls, which accurately controls the temperature between 140 ° F -158 ° For the optimal drinking temperature and there is an automatic shut-off feature that prevents your milk from overheating.

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