Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

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Description :

Hand-grinding coffee offers all the flavor and richness that coffee lovers crave.

Our grinders allow you to grind the right amount before brewing, ensuring you get the freshest and most delicious coffee.

Ceramic core grinding without thermal conductivity-Keeping the pure taste of coffee

Easy To Clean-You can disassemble the grinder into parts.

All the parts are washable.

And hand coffee grinder is dishwasher safe

Adjustable grind level-Change the grind size depending on your preferences.

It suits for all types of coffee makers.



  • Lengthen stainless steel handle saves you effort when grinding beans, providing fun of grinding coffee beans.
  • Ceramic burr will not add heat during grinding. the coffee mill can use for longer time and can keep the original flavor of coffee, making this the best choice of coffee lovers.
  • Silicon lid is soft to touch and convenient to add beans, and both the brush and scoop can help you enjoy the brew anywhere without further tools. This coffee mill is easy to wash and clean.
  • The coffee grinder is adjustable and easy to control. Adjusting grind control can help you get coffee fine or coarse. It all depends on your will.
  • The coffee mill can disassemble into parts, all the parts are washable without limit. And two glass jars design are convenient to keep powders or beans during traveling or small party with friends.

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