LUXU Glass Coffee Cup Set of 4

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Description :

As we all know,coffee cups play an important role in the coffee experience.This crystal-clear borosilicate glass coffee cup allows you to enjoy the taste of coffee while enjoying the beautiful amber color of the coffee,and you can also grasp the strength of the coffee just right.

This modern coffee cup is hand blown into one piece without any seams.The shape of the whole cup is round and smooth without dead corners.It looks very delicate,and the wide mouth design makes it easy to clean.

This modern and simple transparent glass has a comfortable wide open handle design.Even if your glass is filled with drinks,your fingers will feel relaxed and there is no sense of pressure.

Your Espresso,Macchiato,turkish,cappuccino,cocoa,juice,mulled cider,water,will literally float in these coffee talk glasses.This coffee latte glasses are a beautiful addition to any cafe,restaurant,pub or home and office,you will feel very happy with it!

The Ideal Capacity:At 3.6 inches tall and 14oz,our designer coffee mugs fit easily under a standard one cup coffee brewer or espresso machine.Brew an elegant double shot or cafe latte that looks like it came from a specialty coffee shop.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL GLASS:Modern coffee mug gifts set,these mugs are crystal clear,light weight and the perfect size.Can be used for Capucinno cups,Lungo cups,Macchiato,Latte,Espresso cups,Demitasse cups,Tea,Smoothie,Drinking Glasses,Beers,Hot Chocolate,Mulled Cider and Juice,Perfect for hot or cold Drinks.
  • LARGE CAPACITY:This clear crystal glass coffee cup with extremely high visibility suitable for presenting coffee art,you can easily see the color of the coffee in the glass and better grasp the strength of the coffee.At the same time,the large capacity of 14 ounces gives you big enough space to mix and match with milk powder and sugar.
  • DISHWASHER MICROWARE SAFE:This clear borosilicate coffee glasses can withstand sudden changes in the temperature difference between hot and cold temperature range-68°F~212°F,It has extremely high heat resistance and explosion resistance,and is durable.So it can be safely used in dishwashers,microwaves and refrigerators,more durable to stand the daily use.
  • UNIQUE CRAFTSMANSHIP:Modern minimalist transparent coffee talk glasses with interesting caffeine chemical molecular patterns printed on the cup,hand-blown and integrated,smooth surface without joints.The wide mouth design is easy to clean,and the sturdy handle is not easy to drop,easy to grasp.The raised design on the bottom of the cup keeps your espresso cup enough to lay flat on the table without shaking it.
  • HEALTHY AND ENVIRONMENTALLYFRIENDLY:Whether at home,laboratory or in the office,this borosilicate coffee glass has super chemical stability and strong resistance to acids, alkalis and preservatives,so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your stomach by mistake.So,this healthy and environmentally friendly transparent coffee cup will become the first choice for coffee lovers.
  • Size: 14 oz
  • Color: Single Walled

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