Household ultra-smooth manual coffee grinder, 24 seconds easy grinding upgrade, double bearings stable grinding, stainless steel core adjustable, manual coffee powder fast grinding (black) capacity of 30-35 grams

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Coffee and bean products can be quickly ground,Large capacity, new upgrade, more beautiful appearance, metal texture beyond, cost-effective. No wires, no wires, no batteries, no problems. Use portable manual coffee grinder to grind your favorite coffee beans conveniently. This Slim Coffee Grinder is ergonomically designed, with comfortable grip and easy grinding. This manual coffee grinder is a necessary equipment for outdoor coffee, home office, travel coffee grinder and herbal medicine grinder. Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience. In 20 to 30 seconds, 17 grams of espresso powder can be converted into fine powder. Buy your own precision grinder now! Visual Design, Easy to Clean Powder Bottle and Quick Release Structure: The Coffee Grinder comes with visual design that will help check how many coffee beans you want to grind. Use this well-designed powder bottle to reduce powder spillover. It can easily insert/pull out the drum wall, eliminate residues and facilitate cleaning. Bearings and beans can be easily isolated for quick replacement and cleaning. Multi-bearing external adjustment design: According to your preference, adjust the grinding ability with external adjustment scale ring. Multi-bearing design ensures coaxiality and even grinding. This equipment is designed to grind roasted coffee beans only. Please do not grind other products. It is recommended to clean with a brush. The edge of the grinding core is relatively sharp. Be careful to avoid scratches. Do not make child operate this product. Store this product in shady and dry environment. It is recommended that do not disassemble and replace the grinding core and other components by yourself. For any special requirements, please perform under the guidance of relevant technicians. It is not our responsibility for the consequences caused by violation of the above precautions.


  • Manual coffee grinder,Super capacity: 35g, fast grinding speed, only 23 seconds are needed. The core function of our coffee grinder depends on its dual-bearing design, which enables medium-sized coffee grounds to be ground easily and smoothly in 23 seconds. The fine grinding speed is very fast, while the whole grinding process is pleasant and labor-saving, and the 20-scale compass can be used for grinding adjustment
  • Due to our advantage in price, our products have greater advantages comparing with low-cost grinding machines on the market. You will not regret buying it. The biggest feature is that the outer side of the main body can be rotated left and right to adjust the grinding thickness, which is not possible with ordinary grinding machines.
  • The best choice for professional coffee companies:aluminum steel body, non-slip surface of the body, powder box; made of aluminum alloy, grinding tooth core made 420 stainless steel, handle rocker made of 304 stainless steel, magnet adsorption handle made of solid wood, dual bearing positioning, labor-saving grinding, uniform grinding, thickness adjustment, fast closing of upper and lower boxes, 11 easy adjustments, French pressing, 100% roughness control of black coffee
  • Low noise and environmental protection: no battery, no power supply, long service life, portable coffee grinder, lightweight manual crank mechanism has continuously abated more than 90% of the noise, solving the problem of the noise caused by grinding of electric grinder. The strongest combinations are bean grinding, herbal spices or seasoning grinding.
  • Advanced design: design of full-body aluminum alloy, adjustable stainless steel core, copper anti-static coffee grinder, lightweight body, easy to clean, easy to use, long service life, allowing you to enjoy freshly ground coffee beans on the road, and make you very happy during camping, hiking or outdoor trips.

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