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Without question, Honey washed Dawi is regarded as the best out of all of the Ethiopian coffee varieties. It is well-loved around the world for its distinct, all-natural sweet taste. Using a different preparation method than other coffee beans, Dawi coffee beans are dried without washing off its sticky-sweet residue. This practice carefully preserves the natural sugar around the Dawi coffee bean which gives you a sweeter, less acidic taste with beautiful shimmering notes of jasmine, cedarwood, and citrus. And you’ll love how Honey washed Dawi’s irresistibly fruity and floral fragrance makes for pleasantly energizing mornings as well as enjoyable afternoons. You’ll like how Honey washed Dawi’s low acidity perfectly complements its sweeter, more delicate flavor with a smooth aftertaste. For a truly unforgettable experience that will awaken your tastebuds, we recommend pairing this moderately sweet gourmet coffee with dark chocolate, aged gouda, and nut-flavored cakes and desserts like biscotti and pecan pie.


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