Gooseneck Coffee True Brew Coffee Kettle

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Description :

My life changed when I discovered proper coffee in Colombia

I wanted to recreate it but the tools on offer weren’t good enough. Since then, my mission has been helping everyone Drink Better Coffee.

When everything else is instant, coffee might seem slow

But part of the beauty is the ritual. Get it right & it’s worth the effort. Take a breath, share a brew and discover how amazing coffee can be.

Our job is to make people (and sometimes pets) smile

When we make a mistake we work our hind legs off to put it right. So if you’re anything less than 100% pleased as punch, you won’t be for long..


  • Precision Means Satisfaction - If you can deliver a steady flow of water at exactly the right temperature you can make pour over coffee and tea that puts a smile on your face. The True Brew kettle means you can almost do that standing on your head
  • Simple Pleasure - You shouldn’t have to remove the lid to fill a kettle or guess the water temperature. Now you don’t have to. Flip the lid to fill and heat on induction, gas, electric or any other hob until the thermometer says you’ve hit gold
  • Hand Friendly - The body is crafted in rust-proof stainless steel with multiple cool-touch points for safety and pouring control. That includes a removable silicone jacket to protect your pinkies and outlets to vent steam away from stray fingers
  • Built for Your Happiness - We analyzed every competitor on the market to set a new standard for kettles. Multiple patents and patents pending mean everything about how the True Brew looks, feels and performs exists exclusively for your satisfaction
  • Complete Peace of Mind - Thousands of customers trust us to deliver on quality and service. Our 100% satisfaction promise means we’re devoted to providing maximum joy. Whether it’s a refund or just some friendly assistance we’re always there to help

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