Gooseneck Electric Kettle Variable Temperature Control 7 Presets

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Description :

The kettle offers 100% stainless steel seamless unibody design.

It is completely BPA free and no plastic touches your water.

Moreover, the material is rust-proof that will prevent leakage in the long run.

Concealed heating element prevents mineral buildup.

The Kettle rotates 360 degrees and lifts off base effortlessly.

High altitude locations: Water boils at lower temperatures at high altitudes. For every 500 feet above sea level, the boiling point of water will be 1°F lower than the boiling point of 212°F at sea level.

Warning: Designed for 120V ONLY!

A large opening makes it easy to refill and get your hand inside.

To remove manufacturing residue and avoid unsightly water stains in the future, perform the following. Mix 1 part of white vinegar and 2 parts of water. Boil twice before using the kettle.

Repeat if you notice scale deposits inside the kettle.


  • 7 PRESETS / LED T° PANEL / 30-MIN KEEP WARM: Gooseneck Electric Kettle with precise temp control gets most flavorful teas & coffee. Simply touch the screen to choose 140°F for honey water; 160°F - delicate teas; 175°F - green tea; 185°F - white tea; 190°F - oolong tea; 200°F - French Press Coffee; 212°F Boil - black tea. Control water T° at all times with digital LED panel. Always be ready for the second cup with a 30 minute keep warm. Kick back & brew like a barista with Primens!
  • PRECISION POUR STAINLESS STEEL SPOUT ensures the optimal pour-over flow. Gooseneck spout allows drop-by-drop control without drip back. Uniquely engineered handle provides the right balance for a comfrotable & steady pour. The seamless interioir design and laser welding eliminate any leakage and ensure stress free easy cleaning. The kettle, spout, lid, & rim are 100% Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel, preventing rust build up & water contact with plastic. Enjoy safe & healthy drinking water!
  • AUTO SHUT OFF / SILENT MODE / MEMORY FUNCTION: The LED display features an illuminatiing element that shows the heating progress. After water reaches the desired temperature, the kettle automatically shuts off and beeps to notify the user. To turn the alert off, press and hold the On/Off & Keep Warm buttons for 3 seconds. Memory function resumes the last active preset in progress if the kettle is off the base for up to 3 minutes. Finally, the gooseneck kettle that is equally smart & beautiful!
  • FAST WHISPER QUIET BOIL: Equipped the newest 800W heating power technology, it boils water in under 4 minutes, while ensuring super quiet operation 59dB. Advanced British Strix controller is designed for 12000 boiling cycles to outlast others, ensure ultimate safety and reduce energy usage. Boil-dry protection turns off the kettle when there is no water inside. Concealed heating elementl, 360°-swivel base, inside waterline & skid proof ergonomic handle. Make ordinary boiling a luxury!
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN / PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING / 1-YEAR WARRANTY: When flawless functionality meets modern elegant design, you get the gooseneck kettle that provides professional brewing experience in the comfort of your home. The minimal design and black matte finish will look stunning on your countertop. Designed in California. 120 V for USA & Canada ONLY. US based Customer Service. 1-year comprehensive warranty with Life Support from Primens.

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