Fellow Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle

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How we got our start?
Born on Kickstarter in 2013, Fellow is a San Francisco based company in love with coffee and obsessed with product design. Over the years, we have innovated and evolved within the specialty coffee space without ever losing sight of our goal to help our customers brew their best cup!
What makes our product unique?
From your kitchen countertop to café bars to the World Brewers Cup stage, our products are used every day in a wide variety of environments. With each new addition to our line-up, the mission stays the same—meld beautiful design with flawless functionality for the ultimate brewing user experience.
Why we love what we do?
Making is in our DNA. We're always curious about why products are the way they are and how we can make them better. Fellow wants to help the coffee aficionados and the brewing beginners alike find the fun in the craft of brewing.


  • Meet Clyde, a sleek update to a stovetop staple
  • MODERN AESTHETIC - Iron Japanese tea kettle meets Scandinavian design meets curling stone. With clean and iconic elements, Clyde marries handsome design with flawless functionality for the ultimate brewing experience. Matte black to complement your other kitchenware. High-grade stainless steel for the best build quality. Proudly designed in California
  • XL CAPACITY - Clocking in at a large boiling capacity of 1.7 liters, this is your workhorse kettle for pulling a heavy load. Multi-refill mornings, entertaining, or big families, Clyde knows how to work a crowd
  • TWO-TONE HARMONIC WHISTLE - The whistle on most, if not all, stovetops kettle is an annoying pain point. Why does a kettle need to inform you the water is boiling in the most extreme and stress-inducing way? Instead, when it’s Clyde’s turn to sing, two harmonic notes merge for a hot water harmony. Because a kettle shouldn’t have to sound like a screeching banshee
  • ONE-HANDED MAGIC POUR - While most whistling kettles are designed with a lid on the spout, Clyde’s no-lid magic spout stays sealed until you start pouring. No more grabbing a towel to flip open a piping hot lid or using your shirt because it’s shooting steam. In addition, when pouring 1.7 liters of boiling water, you need as much control as possible. Clyde’s soft touch silicone handle provides a sturdy grasp for easy pouring without providing strain on the wrist. Be careful, handle may be hot

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