ESPRO Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Stainless Steel Bucke

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  • UNLOCK COLD BREW COFFEE - The ESPRO CB1’s minimal design simplifies making cafe-worthy cold brew like never before with three innovations; Discover peak cold brew coffee
  • HANDS-OFF BREWING - Dual filters create a rich concentrate, and an auto-lock valve drains the cold brew when placed on the growler funnel; Setup takes two minutes
  • UV-PROTECTED GROWLER - Drain cold brew directly into the resealable growler with uv-ray protection for longer-lasting flavor; On-demand cold brew for up to two weeks
  • MORE SWEET, LESS SOUR - Cold brewing preserves the sweet flavors and aromas, but results in up to 66% less bitterness and acidity; An all-new sensory experience
  • EXPLORE COFFEE MIXOLOGY - Mix with ice, pair with your favorite soda water, or shake with something stronger for a Cold Brew Martini; Free your creative side
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel

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