Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker - Thermal Insulated Brewer Plus Travel Jar - Large Capacity, Double Wall Stainless Steel - 34oz - Orange

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Description :

When you build things from military grade hardware you can bet your bottom dollar they are built to last.

But a Gator French press isn’t just satisfyingly strong and sturdy. The double layer vacuum slows down heat loss and keeps your brew piping hot for longer than Joe average.

Your brewer is not designed for use on direct heat. So avoid using on a stove or any kind of open flame.

The job of any coffee filter is to stop grounds getting into your drink. Just like a nightclub doorman guarding the VIP area, this French press takes the job seriously.

The stainless steel double filtration system means you drink coffee - rather than eating it. A sprung guard holds everything in place and plunging like a dream.

Expect less sediment in your mug and more flavor on your lips.

There’s no rhyme or reason to when you’ll feel like a brew. That’s why we throw in a matching travel container that holds enough beans or grounds for two full batches.

Not only does it look cute as a button, but the glass is reinforced with stainless steel so it’s tough enough to cope with whatever life decides to throw at it.

Load up with coffee, seal the freshness in and get your show on the road.


About this item

  • Premium, double-walled stainless steel insulation
  • Hate boring, cold coffee? Us too. Our huge capacity kit is vacuum-layered and double-filtered for flavor fuller than a centipede’s sock drawer and a toasty brew for longer. Oh yeah, you even get a mini canister for storing your next caffeine hit
  • Keep coffee or tea warm for 60 minutes longer than glass. 304 stainless steel is 33% thicker and 20% heavier than the competition. A cool touch handle protects your hands and the spring-loaded, double-screen filter brews a cleaner cup
  • Professional-grade in every way. This brewer is tough, durable and rust proof. Unlike glass it won’t break when you drop it but your floor might need some attention. Your search for coffee that makes you smile every time ends here
  • Plunge into next-level coffee. The Gator press is uniquely designed to stop sediment but let the delicious coffee oils into your cup. This results in a rich, full-bodied brew that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Water becomes magic
  • Color: Orange

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