Ceramic Marble 28oz French Press Coffee Maker

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Description :

At Louie May Design it’s all about the luxury of simplicity.

We are the experts when it comes to designing high-quality and stylish products that are built to last. We pride ourselves on quality, practicability, functionality and style.

Our products are simple to use and attractive in design, providing useful solutions to everyday problems, but above all they are made to last.

The latest addition to the Louie May Design range is the Arôme de Luxe ceramic marble French press for making delicious coffee and tea. Inspired by nature, Arôme de Luxe embraces all the goodness of earthly delights and provides the true and natural flavors you’d expect from a well brewed coffee or tea.

Created by a Master ceramicist through traditional techniques passed on from generation to generation, you’ll feel a true connection to nature from the moment you handle this product. Using clay from the earth and bamboo from a living plant, the Arôme de Luxe French press set is both natural in design and allows for an incredible brewing experience.

Whenever you see the name Louie May Design associated with a product, you know you will get nothing but quality. From the design, to the materials, to the inserts and packaging, no part of this product has been neglected. We proudly stamp our name on the Arôme de Luxe because we know it's a superior product.

What if you could find out the secrets to getting the best from your coffee bean or tea leaf? It starts with a good-quality French press like the Arôme de Luxe but with every purchase, we also share our comprehensive guide to making the perfect brew every time, an exclusive to our customers.


  • FLAVORSOME: Brew coffee beans or tea using this quality plunger set. The fine mesh filter captures delicious rich flavors
  • ORGANIC DESIGN: Hand-crafted by master ceramicists, marble effect gives each set an original design
  • TOP QUALITY: Strong, durable ceramic. Stain-resistant, anti-corrosive, won’t absorb odors or flavors
  • STYLISH GIFT: The ideal present, beautifully packaged in unique padded box, ready for gift-giving
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MUG: Ergonomic design, light and elegant, easy to clean, dishwasher and microwave safe

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