Bodum Caffettiera French Press 34oz, Light Pink

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Derived from the iconic BODUM Chambord design, The Coffee maker series is a wonderful embodiment of the brand's motto: a beautiful design must be functional and accessible - Jorgen BODUM. Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass (up to 350 degrees), a unique chrome metal frame that protects the glass and acts as a stand, and a plastic lid, this Coffee maker has been made for over 40 years by expert craftsmen in our BODUM factory in Portugal. All metal parts undergo numerous surface treatments during manufacture, which gives them a unique shine for many years of intensive use. The matt polypropylene handle is not only ergonomic and functional, It gives a colorful character to this Coffee maker with a resolutely young and modern look. Recognized as one of the best ways to brew Coffee by roasters worldwide, The French press BODUM piston Coffee maker brews your Coffee to perfection to extract maximum aromas and essential oils (ideal brewing time: between 4 and 5 minutes). for a rich, balanced and Coffee (Paper filters, pods and Coffee pools). expert advice: using freshly ground Coffee with coarse grains and on average adding purified water with a temperature of between 92 and 96 degrees. You will get the best result and a coffee with a simply sublime taste.


  • Unique chrome-plated metal frame protects the glass and also acts as a stand.
  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass up to 350 degrees and odorless
  • Made for over 40 years by expert craftsmen in our factory in Portugal.
  • Sustainable Coffee brewing system with no paper filters or capsules
  • Size: 34 Oz.
  • Color: Light Pink

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