Blue Bottle Coffee Home Blend Bold Organic Whole-Bean Coffee, Darker Roast, 12 oz

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When you can’t get to one of our cafes, you can still brew cafe-quality coffee with the best tools thanks to our whole-bean offerings and brew tools. Our coffee experts work tirelessly to source delicious coffee from growers we trust and scour the world for high-quality brewing equipment you can use at home.

One of the keys to enjoying great coffee is to make sure it’s carefully roasted and consumed fresh. Through extensive testing, we’ve proven that our resealable bags, when unopened, keep our Home Blends at peak deliciousness for up to 150 days.

We know the coffee you want to drink can change—depending on the day or the weather. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one “coffee” taste. All coffee is made of the seed of a tropical fruit, roasted to unlock the flavors within. Whether bright, uplifting East African coffees or rich and comforting Latin American ones, at Blue Bottle we celebrate the range.


About this item

  • BOLD WHOLE-BEAN BLEND: A rich, comforting blend of coffees from Latin America for those who enjoy a rich cup.
  • A DARKER ROAST: We use a slightly darker roast to draw out the naturally present cocoa and caramel-like flavors of the coffee. It’s robust on its own and delicious with milk.
  • COMFORTING FLAVORS: The beans taste naturally of chocolate, hazelnut, and marshmallow, without added flavorings. Bold is the right coffee when you’re seeking comfort, whether at first light in the morning or on a rainy afternoon.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Sourced with care, made with all specialty and certified-organic coffee.
  • OUR COFFEE IS FRESH: The key to great coffee is to enjoy it when it’s freshly roasted. Sealed shut, our foil bags keep coffee at peak deliciousness for up to 150 days.

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