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Collection #002

After Dinner Coffee with wine-like characteristics and a smooth finish in the cup. Ground COARSE GRING FOR PRESS POT BREWING ONLY.



ORIGINS: Ethiopian Yirgaheffe, Kenya AA, Tanzanian Peaberry


ROAST: French

ROASTED: 9/17/2020 - Chicago, IL

BOTTLED: 9/29/2020 - Joliet, IL


SKU# 91720048EKTRF


This collection is particularly special providing that this was the first batch created after restarting the company in August of 2020. It produced 4 Cases/48 bottles in total. There are also features about these bottles that we are different from any other bottles in the future that we have chosen not to disclose at this time.

At Black Gold Exclusive we are so impressed with the coffees that we hand-selected to fill our beautiful bottles; that we willing to offer to buy back unopened bottles providing that the original content is verifiable. 
The older the sealed bottle is the more valuable it may be. Each bottle is cataloged in our database and can be identified by the following data points, the origin of coffee, date of roast, date of bottling, and date of sale, sku#, bar & qr codes must match.
PLEASE NOTE: Bottle must be older than One Year.
PLEASE NOTE: Open the bottle slowly but twisting the cork upward.

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