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You care about good coffee. So why not use a cup that brings out the full potential of your coffee’s flavor? AVENSI is a handcrafted glass masterpiece. Refined and tested by over 90 coffee experts from 30+ countries, AVENSI is a brand new category of scientifically engineered double-wall coffee cups designed to capture coffee’s complex aromas, tastes, and flavors, and deliver them to your senses better than any existing product. The patent-pending design combines the decades of science and engineering from wine and spirit glasses with what was missing from coffee. Taste and appreciate your coffee in a way never before possible.


  • ▶ Iconic Hybrid Thermal Wall - The modern one-of-a-kind design is a marvel of hand-blown glass craftsmanship. The fusion of single- and double-wall glass into a unique masterpiece. This isn’t only aesthetically beautiful, the single-wall cools your coffee as you swirl and the double-wall insulated base keeps your coffee hot while staying cool to the touch.
  • ▶ Aroma Amplification - A first for the coffee world, aerate your coffee and release the delicate aromatic compounds. AVENSI is designed with the optimal shape to maximize the surface area of your coffee when you swirl. Just like wine and whisky, this simple action aerates your coffee, and focuses the beautiful aromatics towards your nose and mouth.
  • ▶ Taste Enhancement - The unique shape, curvature, and rim architecture are designed to enhance the way your coffee tastes like never before. The shape of the glass is optimized to direct the flow of coffee perfectly onto your taste buds. The ultra thin rim 60% thinner than ordinary coffee cups maximizes the flow of coffee onto your tongue, immersing your palate with rich flavors in every sip.
  • ▶ Temperature Retention & Control - AVENSI turns coffee drinking into an active experience by allowing you to control the temperature through swirling. Swirl and actively cool your coffee at the pace you choose to discover a new range of flavors hiding dormant in your brew while the Hybrid Thermal Wall retains your desired drinking temperature extending the window of time for the flavors you want to experience.
  • ▶ 2 cups in 1 - The first cup ever designed to be your everyday coffee cup 14oz and also a coffee tasting glass 6oz. At 6oz, AVENSI is optimized as a tasting glass for your favorite coffees while being the perfect volume for swirling comfortably.

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