Asobu Stainless Steel Ceramic Mug (Baby Blue)

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Description :

There is something special about drinking coffee or tea from a proper mug. That could pose a problem though if you wanted to start the coffee at home and then take it to work or on your morning commute.

The Ultimate Coffee Mug gives you a classic tumbler combined with the unique features of a travel bottle.

Constructed with copper lining, double walled stainless steel and a ceramic inner coating gives this mug the full insulation of a regular thermos.

The Ceramic coating in this mug gives the cup a unique advantage over the other stainless steel mugs. Drinking from ceramic ensures your coffee or tea keeps its pure taste with no plastic or metal aftertaste and having it encased in stainless steel ensures durability.

Complete with a adjustable lid and a easy hold round handle makes this the ideal mug for at home or on the go.

Inner ceramic lining

Easy Grip Handle

Travel lid

Copper bottom

There is only one way to keep your coffee and tea hot without tampering with and ruining the taste and that is the Asobu Ceramic Ultimate mug!

Double walled stainless steel insulated with an easy grip handle.

The Ultimate Perfect Mug!!

The Asobu Ultimate mug is double walled with a copper insulation that means this cup keeps the temperature of your beverage for a long time. Make the coffee get the kids off to school and come back to a perfectly hot coffee already and waiting for you!


  • CERAMIC INNER COATING - Asobu is the only mug you will find that has a ceramic inner coating which delivers the purest taste from your beverage
  • ROUND HANDLE - Designed with everyone in mind the rounded handle gives an easy grip to the cup
  • LID - A mug with a tight fitting insulated lid to ensure your coffee stays hot or cold
  • DOUBLE WALLED VACUUM INSULATION - Built with durable walls so you wont feel the heat of your tea or the cold of your brew
  • CLASSIC AND DURABLE - This classy and durable travel companion is perfect for indoor or outdoors
  • Color: Color: Baby Blue

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