Artaste Rain Stainless Steel Flatware 20-Piece Set

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Description :

From gold plating for those special occasions, to wonderfully practical stainless steel for everyday dining, Artaste offers the right cutlery for you. A stylish array of Flatware sets allows you to instantly refresh your dining settings with striking contemporary styles.

Flatware is an important investment that enhances the dining experience. Stamped from high quality stainless steel, all our flatware is designed for both beauty and durability. Our patterns are made from 18/10 stainless steel. Stainless steel is an alloy, and the 18 indicates that the metal has 18% chromium for durability and hardness. It is called stainless because it literally stains less than any other steel.

With stamped flatware, each piece is stamped out of a flat piece of stainless steel, formed into a utensil and polished. A stamped piece is mainly machine finished and lighter in weight.

Because our utensils and serving pieces are constructed of high-quality stainless steel, flatware from Artaste is easy to care for. Most of our stainless flatware is dishwasher safe; however, extreme heat, lemon detergents and acidic compounds should be avoided. Whether using the dishwasher or hand washing, dry the flatware as soon as possible to avoid spotting and pitting, especially on the knives. If using a dishwasher, load the utensils and serving pieces loosely and use a spot free rinsing agent.


  • 20-piece set includes dinner knife, dinner fork,dinner spoon,salad fork and teaspoon, 4 of each.
  • Made from 18/10 stainless steel Knife is 420 to keep the sharpness with extra thick ergonomics handle.
  • Rain pattern is simple and elegant with reflective mirror finish.
  • To see other products please visit the newly launched Artaste storefront.
  • Expertly crafted flatware will last for years. Dishwasher safe no harsh detergents.
  • Size: 20-Piece Set
  • Color: Silver

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