ANXIANG Coffee pot brewer and filter drip pot

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Product Name: Drip Coffee Maker
Product Code: 012
Capacity: 300CC
Materials: Clay / Pottery
Number of users: 1-2
Uses: coffee pot, teapot
Storage: ventilated, dry place
For people: Adult
Applications: home, office, party, rest
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  • Product capacity of 300cc, can accommodate 1-2.
  • Clay / ceramic, mini portable, easy to clean, easy to use
  • Hot and cold water can be used.The product has a heat and cold, the glass can withstand a temperature of ± 170 ° C -20 to 150 ° C, with high resistance to acids and bases.
  • Suitable for home, office, meetings, travel, rest, make your life richer taste
  • The product does not contain lead, chromium and other toxic metals, and has passed many tests authoritative testing organizations.
  • Color: D

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