Altura Mesh Filter For Aeropress Coffee Makers

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The most recent generation of The MESH filter is designed to perfectly fit all AeroPress coffee makers, both older and newer models. The cap fits perfectly, not too loose like it can be with paper and not too tight like with other metal filters. Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel, The MESH is the most durable and corrosion resistant metal filter on the market. Super easy to clean, just make sure to give it a quick rinse after every use and you will find The MESH to look almost brand new for years to come. The MESH is also dishwasher safe.


The MESH filter will allow you to enjoy the benefit of natural essences and oils which contain bolder flavors and aroma. Paper filters will block these essential oils and flavors allowing your cup of coffee to fall just short of perfect. Many AeroPress World Champions have also attributed their success to their use of a metal filter. If high end espresso machines do not use paper filters, why should you?


Weather you are environmentally conscious or not, it is liberating to not have to worry about paper filters again. This can add up to some big savings over a lifetime use of the AeroPress. The MESH filter benefits over paper include...


UPGRADE the versatility of your AeroPress with The MESH filter. Without having to worry about paper, taking your AeroPress wherever you go will be that much easier. Enjoy your AeroPress and MESH filter...

While The MESH works well with all grind sizes ranging from super fine to coarse we find that the best grinds range from Medium to Fine. Brewing inverted is also recommended.


  • PERFECTLY DESIGNED FOR YOUR AEROPRESS: Our filter is ultra slim and guaranteed to fit both older and newer generation AeroPress Coffee Makers.
  • ENHANCED TASTE & FLEXIBILITY: The MESH allows for the passage of healthy oils normally filtered out by paper filters. It’s great for traveling or camping, allowing you to leave your paper filters at home. The filter also works great with finer grind sizes like turkish or espresso that require less steep time
  • GREAT WITH FINER GRIND SIZES like turkish or espresso that require less steep time.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: No longer worry about how many paper filters you need to bring our how your're going to keep them dry. Store The MESH inside the cap and you're off.
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Our filters come with a “No questions asked” manufacturer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee AND a Lifetime Warranty. Give it a try! You have nothing to lose.

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