Ceramic Coffee Storage w/ Wooden Lid

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Description :


  • The ceramic food storage jar is equipped with a storage bag, which can accommodate the jars filled with food. Whether it's family, office, outing, travel or business trip, you can carry and use it.
  • Fluid/Powder Maximum Capacity: about 6.08 FL OZ 180 ML. Suitable for storing some snacks including nuts, candy, dried fruit, coffee, tea, cat food, etc.
  • Made of ceramic, wooden and food grade silicone ring. The bamboo lid and silicone ring will form a sealed space to effectively seal storage. Sealing method: rotate the lid and press it at the same time.
  • The original wooden lid has a slight odor what doesn't affect the use. Airing several times will disappear. Chromatic Aberration: caused by different production batches.
  • Size: Size: 6.08 FL OZ (180ML)

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