Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Cup Saucer Set

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27 Pc HANDMADE Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Espresso Cup Saucer Crystal Set SILVER(100gr Turkish Coffee as Gift) About Product First Quality,Sturdy. Weighs:7 lb. You can be assured these will last for many generations. Ideal for Turkish,Greek,Arabic Coffee &Espresso serving.. Cups are removable from the holders and machine-washable. Makes a great gift for espresso,Turkish-Greek-Arabic Coffee lovers! Product Content 1 Piece Service Tray 1 Piece Lokum and Stands 6 Piece Porcelain Cups 6 Piece Coffee Cups and Coasters 6 Each cup lid 1 Piece Turkish Coffee


  • 27 Pc Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Espresso Cup Saucer Swarovski Crystal Set SILVER
  • traditional Turkish coffee cups set
  • regular Turkish coffee cups mugs set
  • Porcelain cup is removable from the brass holder and machine washable. Other parts are Not suitable for machine wash

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