24 Hrs Heat Insulated Double Wall Vacuum

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This Stainless steel thermos bottle contain of following compartments:
a) Anti-Leakage Cover -The cover contains thermal sustainable silicone rubber cup to prevent any water leakage.
b) Fruit/Tea/Coffee Filter - Filter can save time in clearing the leaf tea or coffee bag before drinking. Stainless steel filtering basket able to filter out the leaf tea or coffee bag easily.
c) Smooth and Comfortable Feeling Body -This smooth finishing surface able to fully express its luxury and elegant look.
d) Anti-slipping Bottom-the bottom of the cup has a special protection pad which can protect the bottom of the cup from scraping. It also has the function of preventing the cup from slipping on the smooth or wet surface.

Package Included:
1x Thermos Bottle
1x box


  • 24 HOURS HEAT PRESERVATION – Enjoy your hot/cold drink after long period of working or exercise. Ultra-microwave copper-plated tank enhances cold/heat preservation effect up to 24 hours
  • PORTABLE – Enjoy your hot/cold drink with this insulated travel mug while you are traveling, camping, biking or hiking.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Enjoy your outdoor travel with this light weight vacuum flask. A special manufacturing technique was used to make the body of ultra-lightweight and compact.
  • SAFE MATERIAL – The thermos bottle body is made from food grade 304 Stainless Steel material; while the lid contains thermal sustainable silicone rubber seal to prevent leakage.
  • LUXURY & ELEGANT– The perfect gift or present for your beloved
  • Size: 15Oz (450ml)
  • Color: Color: Black

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