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Johnny Martin fell instantly in love with gourmet coffee at a coffee house in downtown Cincinnati, Oh. called Khalid's. The moment he took his first sip of a real cup of coffee his mind was blown. From there he got to know the owner who for years he thought was just a guy who hung out there a lot. It was through that relationship that he developed the desire to own his own coffee shop one day. So, when his career in law enforcement was drawing to a close he seized the opportunity. AYS Cafe was opened in 2001 when John finally left his job to open it with His wife Alvaun. After a successful year in business, and constant requests from there customers they decided to retail their Coffee Blends that had become very popular with the gourmet coffee lovers. That's when they discovered that they had something very special in their hands. It would not be long before he would become enamored by the high-end retail side of the gourmet coffee business and fall out of love with the day to day operations of the Coffee House. Closing the coffee house for good in 2003 they set their eyes on Chicago where their goal was to build their love and passion for gourmet coffee into a successful coffee brand.



BLACK GOLD as coffee is often referred by in the content of Africa the birthplace of coffee and until this day where the most exclusive and expensive coffees in the world can be found. Because these coffees are considered the best of the best John started out by specializing in African Single Origin Coffees as He set out to educate His customers on their importance to the world. His signature blends had tons of characteristics and were very smooth to the taste with a wine-like finish in the cup. That's when it hit him to package these Exclusive Coffee blends in a wine bottle for affect. After identifying the type of bottle that was best suited for such an exquisite coffee Black Gold Coffee was born. Now Black Gold Exclusive Coffees are making a name for themselves in a major way thanks to the attention to quality. We source and purchase the best and most premium coffees beans that we can find from Chicago roasters. We then have them roasted to perfection. They are then ground course for French press brewing only to ensure the smooth wine like finish in the cup. Then we Enshrine the coffee grounds in these beautiful Italian wine bottles for long term preservation. The value is cemented the moment the cork is placed and seals this coffee history.


Reentering The Coffee Business

Now after over fifteen years we have decided to give it another go. With our oldest daughter Sydnie now in her junior year at the University of Depaul and our youngest daughter Saudria being a senior in high school we are facing being empty nesters real soon. This new found freedom will now give two coffee lovers all the time they need to perfect the blends and explore the world of coffee fully.

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