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"Very good after dinner coffee"

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It's so good! First I would say, I'm not an everyday coffee drinker. When I opened it I immediately notice the nice aroma of chocolate. I tasted it and the first thing I said was "It's so good!" I have now found a coffee that I can drink everyday.

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I got good flavors with a smooth finish

I received my two packages of Black Gold Exclusive coffee in the mail this past week. I sampled the small pack which comes with the bottle along with a few pieces of delicious candy. My first thoughts after brewing the coffee in my French press and taking my first sip was how smooth it was. I don't put sugar or creamer in my coffee so there isn't anything to mask the taste. I got good flavors with a smooth finish. There isn't a bitter taste like some coffees, it like drinking the other hot beverage. Johnny and Yoni i salute you for a job well done.

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