If You Are Searching for The Perfect Coffee Lovers Gift Here It Is

Black Gold Exclusive After Dinner Coffee is The perfect gift for your coffee loving host, family member or friends. They are sure to be surprised when you tell them it's ground coffee in a bottle. With the Holidays coming up never arrive empty handed!! Give a gift that you yourself would love to receive. Every bottle we put our name on is different and comes with its own unique story and personality. Produced in small collections of only 12 to 120 bottles we created a database that you can search to find out everything you want to know about the origins of the coffees inside your latest purchase. So, make sure you place your order in today

Special Coffee for Special Times

Black Gold Exclusive exists to introduce you to flavors and aromas that have to be experienced to be believed. To make it happen we source only the very finest and exclusive coffees beans from our trusted network of importers and roasters. They are then roasted to perfection, ground course with care, and those grounds are then funneled into a beautiful Italian wine bottle ready to be savored the moment you pop the cork. Waiting to be brewed to your taste with our recommend manual brewing method.

The result is a silky smooth taste and finish in the cup. From the moment you try it, you’ll know nothing else compares.

Our coffee will cause all of your senses to come alive as soon as it arrives at your door. You will brim with excitement as you open it and unwrap the bottle holding this beautiful 13 inch tall Bellissima bottle in your hand for the first time. Then as you remove the seal and pop the tasters cork your sense of smell will awaking rapidly to one of life's most simplest pleasures.

Produce in collections tracked in our database and auctioned off for charity. Our coffees are consider exclusive for these reasons. The thought, concern and care that goes into every bottle had you the consumer in mind.

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House Warmings


Coffee Lovers


My first thoughts after brewing the coffee in my French press and taking my first sip was how smooth it was. I don't put sugar or creamer in my coffee so there isn't anything to mask the taste. I got good flavors with a smooth finish.

D Rhone - Athens AL

First I would say, I'm not an everyday coffee drinker. When I opened it I immediately notice the nice aroma of chocolate. I tasted it and the first thing I said was "It's so good!" I have now found a coffee that I can drink everyday.

C. Hines - Gainesville FL.

It is definitely coffee, however it should not be comparable, and should not be compared to, other routine coffees. Gourmet is the word.

A. Drilling Joliet, IL.

"This is the best, smoothest Coffee around next to Jamaican Blue Mountain".

M. Baines - Cincinnati, OH
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Coffee Subscription

Because we only source the best and most exclusive coffees the quantities are always in short supply. So, please consider subscribing to our Coffee Connoisseurs Club to ensure your coffee delivery. Your credit card won't be automatically charged, you will just receive an reminder email with a checkout link based on the delivery interval that you pre-selected.

Coffee Brewing

At home coffee brewing is rapidly changing and people are exchanging their old automatic drip coffee makers and even their Keurigs for Fancy Luxury Coffee Brewers that look and operate more like chemistry sets and brushing up on their manual coffee brewing technics.

Remember It's not just the coffee that your drink its also how you drink it. Now, getting a superior cup at home is now easier than you think.


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The Marketplace is where you can find a World of Coffees, drinkware, dinnerware and more. Coffees that we love and and appliances that we have tried ourselves and highly recommend that you try.

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The Black Gold Guarantee

At Black Gold Exclusive we are so impressed with the coffees that we hand-selected to fill our beautiful bottles; that we willing to offer to buy back unopened bottles providing that the original content is verifiable.  

The older the sealed bottle is the more valuable it may be. Each bottle is cataloged in our database and can be identified by the following data points, the origin of coffee, date of roast, date of bottling, and date of sale.

Our pledge is not only to the quality of coffee that goes into every bottle but also to the men and women who grow and harvest it. We pledge to work with importers and roasters that purchase their coffees at a fair price.

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